Miss Universe Ghana is a beauty pageant that serves as one of the nation’s leading promoters of women empowerment, and the largest providers of women’s nurturing resource, awarding a well rounded platform to young Ghanaian women annually. Since May 8 2017, the new Miss Universe Ghana franchise has been operating under MALZ Promotions administrated by Miss Universe Ghana 2004, Mrs. Menaye Donkor Muntari.

The organization’s aim is to work fiercely to make a difference in the Ghanaian woman’s world and to promote tourism in the country. The Miss Universe Ghana competition, since its new inception, has provided a forum to strengthen the voices of Ghanaian women, changing the status quo by ensuring women’s inclusivity in building the nation.

To Become Ghana’s Next Sweetheart!

Silvia N.M Commodore  – 2nd Runner Up Miss Universe Ghana 2018



Each year, the Miss Universe Ghana Organization contributes thousands of hours of voluntary work to raise funds for health causes and to offer assistance to the less fortunate in rural areas.



Participating in the Miss Universe Ghana pageant educates, motivates, and sensitizes young women to use the foundation given them by using their gifts and talents retransform society to the best of their abilities.



The Miss Universe Ghana brand is passionate about international relations and the ability of the national economy to benefit from the tourism sector. Representatives from Ghana are trained to establish relationships and enlighten the world about our country and its vibrant culture.



The organization focuses on image as an important aspect of branding women in today's generation. The young women who partake in the pageant are groomed to become celebrated icons, youth ambassadors, and leaders who are driven by the ability to inspire others.

National Director

Menaye Donkor is a model, business mogul, and a beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe Ghana in 2004. Since then she has employed her opportunities to create a household name and business empire for herself, making her one of the countries most successful female public figures and prominent entrepreneurs of her time. She is the C.E.O. of MALZ Promotions and Shey by Menaye. In addition to her business repertoire, Donkor – Muntari is involved in humanitarian causes. In 2017, she became the new National Director of Miss Universe Ghana. She is very passionate about creating avenues for women to amplify their voice socially, economically, and emotionally.

As a former titleholder, the Miss Universe experience taught me a great deal, and has shaped me to be the person I am today. It taught me how powerful I am as a woman, and through it I have become resilient and capable to do all things I put my mind to.

I am still a part of Miss Universe, and it is a part of who I am. As they say, “once a queen always a queen”; In the eyes of many you are, and will always be, a queen and treated as a representative of your country. I feel very passionate about, and responsible for building and maintaining the reputation of the Miss Universe Ghana pageant. I am also extremely motivated to offer the same opportunities that I was given to other young Ghanaian women.